Best Samsung Galaxy S8 cases

One of the first accessories that one has to buy for their new Samsung Galaxy S8 is definitely a phone case. There is nothing as annoying as stepping out in style with a new phone only to bump it or drop it and end up with scratches or worse, a broken screen. This is even worse because the phone is quite expensive and is a flagship which means repairing it costs a fortune and so does getting another one.

Some of the best cases that you can find in the market are readily available on Amazon at friendly prices. These include:


Spigen Premium Exact Fit case

Spigen Premium Exact Fit case s8


One of the great things about this case is that it is very light. It does not add bulk to the smartphone and is thus very convenient. It also protects the S8 from scratches, bumps and breakage in case of falls or bangs. The tactile button provides extra protection for the phone placing it among the best cases to buy for the S8. Also, it has a special cutout on the back, for the fingerprint scanner, so you can easily unlock your Samsung Galaxy S8.


RhinoShield CrashGuard

RhinoShield CrashGuard s8


This bumper case is one to have. It is the best when it comes to protecting the S8 from bumps, scratches, rain and other harsh weather conditions among other things that could be detrimental to your new device. It is also light, making it easy to use as it does not weigh down the phone. It does, however, slightly modify the appearance of the phone. It does not reduce the aesthetic value.


S8 Caseology Envoy Series

S8 Caseology envoy series


This leather bumper is just the fix that every S8 needs. This TPU case not only offers protection to the Samsung phone but also adds elegance and class to the phone’s look. It is a sight for sore eyes and is sure to upgrade the phone’s aesthetic appeal as an added bonus to keeping it protected from dust, dirt, scratches and grazes.


It is ultra slim, maintaining the thickness of the phone so it can still fit comfortably in the hand. The case allows the user to have the full experience of using the S8 while protecting it from breaks, water, dirt, dust and bumps among other things. It comes in a range of colors: Emerald Gold, black, blue and white.

Verus S8 Case

This wallet case is made from high quality polycarbonate. While protecting the Samsung Galaxy S8, it also provides the user with the functions of a wallet such as carrying cards without adding bulk to the phone. It is chic as well as functional.


There are quite a few options to choose from when it comes to picking out a case for a new Galaxy S8. Protection comes first as this flagship is rumored to be very expensive and thus it needs to be well taken care of in order to enjoy the full benefits of the phone over a long period of time.

These high quality cases go a step further. They ensure that the user still gets to look classy and elegant even with a case on their new flagship. The added benefit is that they are reasonably priced and readily available online.

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