htc 10 missing features

HTC 10 – Missing features

The HTC 10 is the new flagship from HTC and it is great. It has some awesome features that have HTC lovers impressed but there are also missing features that are quite noticeable. The fact that the phone is retailing at $700 which is the same price as the Samsung Galaxy S7 does not help the situation either.

Great features

The phone has a fingerprint sensor in the front which is faster than that of the S7. This puts it ahead of Samsung’s flagship. The fingerprint sensor replaces the front speaker which is relegated to the back of the device. HTC 10 also has a 5 MP front-facing camera with optical stabilization and an f/1.8 lens. This makes for great selfies and videos. The back camera, 12 MP, also has greater pixel density distribution making for high quality low light photographs.

Missing features


Like the HTC One M9, the HTC 10 could have had 20 MP. Sure, the pixel density was improved and low light photography was improved, but this would have been even better if the resolution had been maintained or improved. The HTC 10 camera comes close to the Samsung Galaxy S7’s camera but the latter provides for better low light photography which goes to show that the HTC 10 could have been improved.

Battery life

While the HTC 10 has 3000 mAh battery, the camera and other features readily access the battery which leads to a shorter battery life despite the capacity. HTC could have worked to make the battery long lasting despite heavy use. But 3000 mAh is pretty decent for standard use so maybe we will let that slide.

Display Screen

The HTC 10 has an LCD screen. This cannot be compared to the Super AMOLED screen in the Galaxy S7. While the resolution is great, the HTC has less screen quality, sharpness and clarity compared to the S7. HTC should have looked into Super AMOLED for its screen. The world is getting better and better features in regards to smart phones and what they have to offer so HTC needed to up their game on this one.


HTC 10 had the opportunity to be the first waterproof phone. Many users tend to damage their phones by dropping them in water. This makes it annoying especially when one has to go on vacation and the safety of the phone proves to be a nagging factor. Samsung already included the feature in the S7 and it would have been prudent for HTC to do the same. Considering they are going for the same price, it does not take a genius to realize that the S7 might prove to be a better option for those who like to know that their phones are well protected from water damage.


The HTC 10 is not a bad phone. In fact, it is pretty awesome and has great features. HTC has come a long way and it is evident in the HTC 10. However, there was room for improvement and the refining of some features or including of new ones altogether would have been a game-changer for HTC in the Android market.

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