Is The Samsung Galaxy S4 Still a Reliable Choice?

Samsung is one of the most popular brands when it comes to phones and electronic devices. The Samsung Galaxy S4 was released back in 2013 and since then the mobile phone market has made great strides. The S4 was overtaken by the S5, S6 and S6 Edge and now by the S7 that is rumored to be in the works for 2016. From other brands such as Apple, LG and HTC, we have also seen some great flagships which are better than the S4 and that would provide a better option for different buyers. These include the Apple iPhone 6S, Sony Xperia Z or even the HTC One M8. So, for those who would still like to use the S4 or are thinking about buying the Samsung Galaxy S4, is it a good choice? Yes, it is.


  • The screen



The Galaxy S4 has a five inch full HD Super AMOLED screen which is quite impressive for a three-year old model. The resolution makes the screen clear for both watching videos and gaming. Scrolling the menu on the phone is also very quick.


  • Great Quad-core processor



While the 1.9 GHz processor is no longer the best or the fastest in the market, it still works well for the Galaxy S4. It has a pretty fast response to commands. One problem it has, however, is split second pause between pressing an icon and initiating the process. It is not a deal breaker but may be problematic for other people who prefer Android alternatives that elicit a quicker response.


  • Great battery life


The Samsung Galaxy S4 has a great battery life. A fifteen-minute charge gets the battery at 20% of charge. The battery is fast at charging but slow to discharge. Unlike other batteries that are now in the newer smart phones, the battery on the Samsung Galaxy S4 is one that lasts about a day of use. You can forget to charge it in the evening and still use it throughout the next day without charging.


  • Variety of features


The S4 offers air view and gesture, infra red remote, temperature and humidity sensors among other features. These are quite a catch in a phone that is three years old. It also sports a 13 megapixel primary camera which is high quality. Most new flagships usually feature about the same pixels in their cameras, while some even sport less.


  • Price


The S4 is cheap. It retails for about $300/ 250 pounds which is much cheaper than 579 pounds which was the price for a SIM-free handset at the launch of the S4. This is much cheaper than what flagship models cost.


Given; the S4 has its flaws and disadvantages such as the plastic design and the low storage capacity. However, for the price and the features that one gets, the Samsung Galaxy S4 is still a pretty decent phone for one to have. It is attractive, functional and still provides the user with awesome features at a great price.


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