Samsung Galaxy S6 mini

Why did Samsung not make the Galaxy S6 mini?

This is a question that is yet to be answered properly seeing that there are numerous rumors about the phone. There have been rumors about the release of the Samsung Galaxy S6 mini since June 2015 but none of them have officially been substantiated by the Korean company. The phone was rumored to be released in November of 2015 but that did not happen as well.

Source of rumors and specifications

A retailer based in the UAE listed the device on its website and included photos and some specifications of the phone. This sent the internet and mobile phone enthusiasts into frenzy, seeing that Samsung had not officially announced the handset. The listing cited that the phone would have 2 GB RAM and 16 GB of internal memory. The hexa-core 1.8 GHz powered phone would sport a 4.6 inch Super AMOLED display and a 15 MP primary camera.


The secondary front-facing camera was listed as having 5 MP. In addition to this, the listing stated that the Li-Ion battery of the Samsung Galaxy S6 mini would not be removable but it did not state the capacity of the battery or its talk time. Other features that were included in the listing for the Samsung Galaxy S6 mini were a certified fingerprint sensor for PayPal and an Android 5.1 lollipop as the operating system. The listing provided the option to be notified once the handset was released. This was done through submitting one’s email address.

Why is the S6 mini that anticipated?

Traditionally, Samsung has provided users with the option of a mini or an active version of their flagships. The mini version is usually for those who would like a smaller handset that is just as tough as the original flagship. The active version is usually for people who want a dust-proof and water resistant handset that provides more in terms of protection of the device. People who loved the S6 but wanted a smaller handset therefore wanted an S6 mini. It also helps that the ‘mini’ versions are usually a bit cheaper than the flagships.


So far, the S6 mini is nowhere to be seen. The listing has since been taken down and no official communication has been received from Samsung. The rushed listing might have robbed the Korean company of the chance to announce and release the S6 mini in pomp and color as it has done with previous models. It is yet to be seen though whether Samsung will still provide the S6 mini.

This is especially tricky because Samsung is rumored to be planning the announcement and release of a new flagship, the Samsung Galaxy S7. Buyers are then left wondering whether the release of the S6 mini would be viable seeing that now people have moved on and are anticipating the S7. The sales may not be as phenomenal and the anticipation that has been building since the rumors began in June may have sizzled out.

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